Vintage Apple Macintosh PowerBook 160

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    This vintage Apple Macintosh PowerBook 160 comes with the original manual and power adapter.  Shockingly, it powers on.  It doesn't have an operating system.  It also comes with the rechargeable battery case.  I would highly doubt the battery works.  There is a carrying bag (not photographed) that comes with this.  

    Apple PowerBook 160The Apple Macintosh PowerBook 160 features a 25 MHz 68030 processor, 4 MB of RAM, either a 40 MB, 80, or 120 MB hard drive, and an internal 1.44 MB floppy drive in a compact portable case with a 9.8" grayscale passive-matrix display.

    Most notably, although the built-in display on the PowerBook 160 only supports 4-bit grayscale, it supports 8-bit color on an external monitor and was the first PowerBook to offer such capability.


    Please note, all items are “as-is” “where-is".  Shockingly, this powers on.


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