We help our customers to quickly sell or buy items and properties

We are recognized for exceeding client expectations and delivering great results
We will research, list and sell your entire collection.
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We coordinate your home improvements to maximize your profit.
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We take all the necessary steps to sell your home.
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You collect a check without having to do a thing.
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About Legacy
Legacy Home & Estate Services was founded out of a sincere desire to help families. We understand how stressful estate liquidation and real estate transactions can be. Our services are often needed as the result of losing a loved one, moving, downsizing, or other big life changes, and we are skilled in helping you navigate these circumstances. Downsizing, organizing, cleaning, donating, selling property, staging and selling a home—each of these is a large task on its own, but often families find themselves having to manage many of these projects all at once. We have been there, and we are your solution to this complex problem.
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